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Armed Forces compensation law is a highly specialised area. Not all solicitors have experience in this field. Armed Forces claims can be very complex and require in depth knowledge of the legal procedures in these types of cases.

Our experts have many years of experience in dealing with Armed Forces claims. Our experts will guide and support you through the process.

We have a dedicated team made up of Solicitors, Barristers and medical experts who will all be involved in your case.

Some examples of our successes

Case Study 1

We represented a female Veteran in her claim for Armed Forces Compensation. Initially Veterans UK rejected her claim on the basis that her injury was not serious enough and we took this all the way to a Tribunal Hearing where the Tribunal agreed that she had a significant overuse injury to her legs.

The Tribunal made an award to the Claimant but Veterans UK initially only paid out for an injury to one leg rather than both. Through GLP’s immediate reaction the Tribunal clarified that it was indeed for both legs and proper award for both legs was obtained.

Case Study 2

Many army personnel incur injuries whilst taking part in sport or on training exercises. Our client had been injured in a skiing accident whilst out with the army. He had been offered compensation for a temporary injury which was wrong as it was a permanent one. With GLP’s intervention medical evidence was obtained to support an appeal of that earlier decision and we managed to secure an increase from Veterans UK so that not only was the injury then recognised as permanent but it also meant that our client received a guaranteed income payment for the rest of his life.

Case Study 3

Our client had suffered a leg injury during a training exercise with the army but his application for compensation under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme was rejected on the basis that he had not had surgery to fix the injury and therefore did not come within the tariff of awards. This was wrong, GLP Solicitors immediately appealed the decision on the grounds that the decision was legally wrong and a mistake had been made. Veterans UK accepted their decision had been wrong and immediately made an offer of compensation which was acceptable to our client.

Case Study 4

GLP Solicitors have successfully turned around a rejected award where Veterans UK denied the injury was due to service. Corporal W Owen applied for compensation for hearing loss, he had worked as a Signaller and so was unable to wear ear defenders because he had to wear headphones.

Veterans UK said his hearing problems all came from an earlier problem treated by the insertion of grommets. But this lead to him recovering his hearing allowing him to take part in active service and to go on four operations. This is where he was exposed to considerable noise. Clearly this caused damage to his hearing but this was rejected by Veterans UK. Veterans UK were essentially denying that exposure to noise during four operations where no ear defenders were worn would have caused any harm.

GLP made a long and detailed statement of all the exposure to noise and clearly outlined the chronology. This was accepted by Veterans UK leading to a successful Appeal of their all-out rejection of his claim.

This case shows that with attention to detail of both how the injury came about and the dates when it progressed can make a difference when applying for the AFCS and knowledge of the finer points of the Scheme is essential.

Letter from William Owen

To All,
I would just like to say a massive thank you for all your time and effort. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride trying to have them (Army) to take some liability over my claim. Couldn’t have been done without you.

As far as I’m concerned, you can use my case as an example to others on how much detail, time and effort it can sometimes take to win.

I William Owen Give full permission for GLP Solicitors (Bury) to use my case as a means of example to others. I don’t want to be anonymous and you can use my details.

William Owen, 13.01.2017

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