Civil Claims

Injured armed forces soldier on crutches

Can I make a claim?

Serving in the Forces is by its nature dangerous and when an accident occurs that could have been avoided a civil claim might be possible. A civil claim is basically one outside of the AFCS Scheme, it is outside of combat situation and where there is blame.

Types of military claims are:

Who will I claim against?

A claim may be brought against the MOD.

Is there a time limit?

Usually 3 years but you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Will I need to go to court?

The thought of going to court can be very daunting however the majority of civil cases are successfully concluded without the need for a trial.

Will I have to pay?

We will offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement to give you peace of mind that costs are only payable if you win compensation. Most of your costs will be payable by the Defendant with an agreed percentage success fee and any insurance payable from compensation awarded. This percentage will be agreed with you at outset.

What will I receive compensation for?

1. The physical injuries sustained as a result of the incident. This will be based upon expert medical evidence that we would obtain.

2. It is possible to obtain compensation for past and future loss of earnings. This is dependent on the circumstances in each case.

3. The cost of any treatment that has been recommended by a medical expert.

If you are thinking about making a claim for compensation please contact one of our experts for a free, confidential no obligation consultation.

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